Save Space- Install Separate Shed- Use Enclosure Kits for Portable Generators

Generators are an alternative for power supply in case of any electricity supply problems. They are often used in homes, offices and production houses for their regular operations. So it is our task to pay special attention towards maintenance of portable generators which can be easily done by erecting an efficient enclosure for it in our homes and offices.

We often keep our generators in garages or under the roof sheds but practically it is not at all safe as weather conditions may hamper it. So it is always beneficial to build a separate enclosure for portable generators. Further installing a separate shed for the generators saves some extra space in garages and also increases the beauty of the garden.

Generator EnclosureAdvantages of portable Generator Enclosure kits

a)    Ventilation made outside the enclosure dissipate the engine inside and exhaust the heat created inside

b)    Presence of high capacity fan keeps the machine cool.

c)    Presence of wire cage fan guard fulfills the OSHA requirement and protects from any personal injury

d)    Good locking system provides security to the generator

e)    The electrical plug connections are built in the dry protected environment which reduces the chances of shock hazards.

f)    Provision of high temperature cut out facilitates automatic shut down of generators in case the fan cooling is lost which also reduces the chance of damage of the engine from fire.

g)    The digital carbon monoxide detector and alarm installed inside warns in case of any malfunctioning.

h)    The portable Generator Enclosure provides easy startup and connection of the generators in case of power failure as it is not required to be dragged out all the time for starting it.

How to build a portable generator enclosure

a)    Dig a hole of about 1 foot deep and ½ foot bigger than the enclosure

b)    Then a construction plastic is required to be spread in order to waterproof the base

c)    The hole is required to be filled with 10 or 11 bags of rubber mulch or small pieces of tires

d)    Make cement blocks of 7and ½ by 15 inches long and 3 or 4 inches thick

e)    Then place them on the top of the bag mulch sided by side to in order to create a floating deck over it

f)    Then make a stable platform by placing a fiber platform over the cement deck where in the Generator will be placed

g)     Make similar cement blocks and place them in two rows of five in either side and also at the back of the generator.

h)    Cracks between the cement blocks are required to be filled with foams in order to insulate the enclosure

i)    Cut three strips of plywood and glue them with foam to the plywood for insulation

j)    Finally keep the stripes of plywood in line on both the sides and at the back to nail them together

So give an organized look to your generator by making a proper enclosure which is reasonable and quiet affordable.



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