Duromax generator enclosure

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Lights on, I won.

It was the morning of the local Thanksgiving Day Parade, and brothers Bill and Tim were at it again. Their rivalry had lasted since kids, and recently taken the form of a outdoing each other with the best Thanksgiving Day float. As the parade began, Bill’s float drew everyone’s attention. Waving alongside a well lit, animatronic turkey, people were taking pictures and shouting excitedly. Behind him was Tim, sitting forlorn next to a motionless dull pilgrim. Something had gone wrong, and he knew Bill had won.

So what went wrong for Tim? Why, despite having the same good idea, did Bill succeed and Tim fall short? Well, it all came down to an often-overlooked detail. You see, despite both using the same generator to power their floats, only Bill had bought a duromax generator enclosure, ensuring that on this day, it would work.

A small investment for an ample reward.

After losing to Tim a year earlier, Bill began working on his ultimately successful float. A crucial part of this was ensuring that his tools were properly stored and cared for until they were needed. Having bought a duromoax generator, and finding its 3000-4000 watt range incredibly useful and hundreds of dollars cheaper then the competition, Bill wanted to protect it against the dust and floating debris of his garage. Working along with Tim to create the best float, each of their garages were full of bits of wood and dust as they worked feverishly.

Flash forward to the hectic days leading up to the parade. Neither brother had enough time to test their generators. Bill removed his duromax generator enclosure moved it onto his float and plugged it in. Having not bought an enclosure, Tim did the same. As they lined up along with the other floats and got ready to begin, Bill’s motor roared to life. Tim on the other hand, didn’t know what was wrong. It wouldn’t start! After a few moments, Tim knew he had lost.

A covenant inconvenience.

Buying insurance for a product can seem unnecessary, especially when the product costs a lot. The sad truth however that even the best made products slowly break down. The best thing we can do then is to ensure they stay in as good condition as possible. The duromax enclosure provides this insurance, allowing the generator to last in pristine condition even longer.

So what does it do?

The duromax generator enclosure surrounds a non-running generator, protecting it from dust and debris. Ranging around 20 dollars, the enclosure is an inexpensive way to ensure the generator gets no particulates into its delicate components. Light weight and flexible, the enclosure is easy to take on, move, and take off.

A few things to consider…

The duromax enclosure fits best with newer generator models. Although it can absorb some water, it cannot stand up to a storm by itself.

So be like Bill, plan ahead, buy the right security for your needs, and win.


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